Bad rain oppressing my inner self

When will you cease whipping over

And over the soaked and battered



You don’t come from warm heaven

But drip from ice-cold hell

Pretending to quench my secret garden

You drown

The life of it and

My dreams


Please some powerful one

Supply for strong protection

Against these cursed buckets of counterfeit Help


Or I’ll stop breathing this tear-saturated air

I’ve worked and hoped over all

The fruits that my land would bear

And in an expression of hatred

You take my future away. Away.


Bad rain, when will you cease whipping

Me like your slave

The swollen heart of me

Is drifting away in the scary current

Of a malicious foam


Bad rain

how could you ever repair

the wrong you’ve done

It is uncounted time

It is untold love

All is gone now

And you’re laughing out loud

Readier than ever to do it again

Mad rain

Sad rain.


© Celine Malraux 2010